My Little Pink Suitcase

Traveling for work with my carry-on



Buenos Aires, the love and hate city.

I have a love and hate relationship with the city of Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. As I child, I was obsessed with it. I did not live there but had visited it several times and loved it. I had family and friends there so I never got bored. Continue reading “Buenos Aires, the love and hate city.”


New York is a thriving, exciting city. Everywhere you go, there is someone with a camera (or GoPro, or any sort of photo-taking device) and a guidebook in hand. Now, New York for New Year’s is simply the worst. Hordes of tourists emerge from places you did not know were there. You cannot even think of going for lunch at a decent hour because lines will queue in every diner and food cart. Let alone visiting¬†any museum. How did I survive this holiday, then? Continue reading “NYC in NYE”

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