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Nice things about life


New York is a thriving, exciting city. Everywhere you go, there is someone with a camera (or GoPro, or any sort of photo-taking device) and a guidebook in hand. Now, New York for New Year’s is simply the worst. Hordes of tourists emerge from places you did not know were there. You cannot even think of going for lunch at a decent hour because lines will queue in every diner and food cart. Let alone visiting any museum. How did I survive this holiday, then? Continue reading “NYC in NYE”

What is the most important day in the year?

My birthday, of course.

I have a colleague who likes to gather for celebrating her birthday, and she only asks we be there. Yesterday, a friend prepared a cake for her and we got her some presents. She was genuinely happy. Although she wants to play badass and pretend she does not care if people come or not, she does.

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The beauty of being thankful

This is not big news: when something is regular in our lives, we take it for granted. José Ortega y Gasset, the famous Spanish philosopher, highlighted repeatedly how we accepted that the ground beneath out feet would support our weight every morning. When beauty is common, it is no longer exceptional. I challenge you to go back to the basics and be thankful for the beauty around you. I am thankful I grew in up in a place like this:20140719_102939

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