My Little Pink Suitcase

Traveling for work with my carry-on



Oath before God and the Nation: Chile’s 10th of July

The new conscripts at the military base stationed in Coyhaique (Chile) have taken the oath to the nation today. Technically speaking, it was before the nation (the patria or fatherland) and to the flag. Continue reading “Oath before God and the Nation: Chile’s 10th of July”

#Themiddleofnowhere and happy

In Patagonia, the Andes mountains get lower and the valleys wider. You wouldn’t believe me if you flew from Puerto Montt because all you see during the flight is rocky peaks loaded with snow. I mean, loads of snow in a never-ending sight of white. During the 1-hour journey you wonder two things: Continue reading “#Themiddleofnowhere and happy”

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