So you like to travel?

Me too. Though I am not one of those 6-year travelers, 43 countries and six continents. Not me, not yet.

Andean Pat’s Travel Map

Andean Pat has been to: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, France, Italy, Qatar, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Vatican.

But still, I like to move around and I like trying new things (especially food) in new places. I travel for work. I do not have a desk job per se: I am a researcher and so I travel to conferences and to my research sites. Yeah, I know, pretty cool, uh?

The only problem with this job is that I seldom have actual money to travel, so we scholars usually appeal to grants, fellowships, and the like to cover work-related expenses, specially air tickets. Since I will begin a long research period in July, I thought of recycling my blog and making it more “serious” about travelling. (FYI: I learned British English and I live in the US so apologies for some spelling discrepancies).

My first solo trip

The first time I hopped on a plane on my own was when I was 17. I had come first in a contest and was flown to London all expenses paid. I remember calling my mum from one of those red phone booths telling her how happy I was to be there. She was excited for more and could not help asking the mum question: “But don’t you miss home?”

Of course you miss home… If home is where you are not right now. I missed her and my family, but missing is part of life.

Think about it.

Technology has made it possible for us to miss friends and family less and less. Social media, wifi access, and apps such as Whatsapp or Skype bring people together when they are far away.

The truth is that life, as it is, includes the missing part, especially when our beloved ones pass away. Something my mum taught me was to never, EVER stop setting on a journey because I was going to miss her or my dad. They both told me and my siblings to make our own way and we are all in different parts, literally and figuratively.

So yeah, I am more excited about getting lost in Rome than Netflixing in my bed. I bet you are too, that’s why you are reading this blog.

My second solo trip

The second time I travelled on my own was that time I wandered around Europe for a month. I loved it. It had everything: NYE in Rome, spontaneous tours in Spain, a romance in England, and even a sickness in Paris. Oh, don’t get me started on Paris.

I remember saving as much as I could on my teacher job to get everything paid for. So worth it.

So now I travel more between the US and South America, but that doesn’t mean that I am not exploring new sites. Even my city here is just a never-ending parade of new experiences.

There you have it: I am going to miss home, and this is home. But hey, it’s ok!