Have you ever heard of people that quit everything and just travel?

We have read stories like this in all kinds of places: blogs (like this one, this one, or more here), novels, and even the Bible. I am about to that as part of my job. Oh yeah, I travel for a living.

I think it would be more accurate to say that my living involves travel. As a researcher, I travel to sites of research and to conferences. I haven’t lived for twelve straight months in the same country since 2013. This means that several months a year I am away from “home”. Better put, I have not idea where home is.

I usually define home as my mattress and my pillows, which I am about to sell. So, home is basically my laptop, my phone, and my camera. Everything else is doomed to stay behind.

In the next year or so, I embark for long term research in South America. This means choosing wisely what possessions to take for extreme winters and extreme summers, and deciding what will accompany all the way. I have two suitcases: one for summer and one for winter, and the carry-on for shoes. I’ll have a base in Patagonia and travel from there to different parts.

If you thought I was nomadic, well, for the next year or so you’ll be right.

Being in your 30s and travel this much is kind of odd. Most of my friends have permanent partners, kids, houses, “real” jobs. I have my suitcase and I travel around. The world is my oyster.