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May 2016

Missed Encounter: Venice

When you travel, you meet people. Specially if you are traveling alone.

Many of you have stories of people you’ve met, how you were best buddies in a blink, and then followed your own path as your travels set you apart. You may even have some of these friends on Facebook, I still do. And yes, we all know we won’t see them again.

I want to talk today about one of those missed encounters. It was not a question of culture or language. It was an honest mistake. Continue reading “Missed Encounter: Venice”

5 reasons to visit Doha

Most ¬†of us choose a travel destination based on popularity. Whenever you want to hit a new continent or region, you will most probably hit the “basics” first. At least that’s how I plan many of my travels. Until I went to Doha.

Continue reading “5 reasons to visit Doha”

The Nomadic Life

Have you ever heard of people that quit everything and just travel?

We have read stories like this in all kinds of places: blogs (like this one, this one, or more here), novels, and even the Bible. I am about to that as part of my job. Oh yeah, I travel for a living. Continue reading “The Nomadic Life”

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