My birthday, of course.

I have a colleague who likes to gather for celebrating her birthday, and she only asks we be there. Yesterday, a friend prepared a cake for her and we got her some presents. She was genuinely happy. Although she wants to play badass and pretend she does not care if people come or not, she does.

We all do.

When were kids, birthdays were the epicenter of our year, around which we planned everything and drove parents crazy. I remember that for my 8th birthday almost no one showed up. It was a weekday at noon (bad planning) and most parents were normal 9-to-5 people, unlike my mum. Yet, she planned so many games that we still had A LOT of fun. Now that I think about it, on my 8th birthday (not at the party), I was bitten by a dog and was carved in history as the worse birthday ever. It was the coincidence of my anniversary AND that damn dog that made it so terrible, otherwise it would have been known as “the day I was chased and bitten by a dog and got to get a injection” (when you turn 8, needles are kind of the enemy).

I have learned from my parents life is a gift and we should celebrate it everyday. Some days this is hard to remember. Some days, very easy. So go out and celebrate life (I have to stay to finish a paper). And cheers! Life is beautiful?

Whose birthday is today?